RUTA Members Elect the First Board of Representatives

July 6, 2024

RUTA Members Elect the First Board of Representatives

We are happy to inform you that RUTA Association’s Board of Representatives have been elected!

Between 21-25 June 2024 RUTA members cast their vote for the first time, choosing between eight respected and highly qualified nominees. For the second stage of the elections, the Election Committee—consisting of five Advisory Board members, Tatev Hovhannisyan, Tamta Khalvashi, Maja Kominko, Tamar Koplatadze, and Sunnie Rucker-Chang—selected five board members with the highest number of votes representing the RUTA region(s).

The results of the elections were announced at RUTA’s inaugural conference on 29 June 2024. The newly elected members of the Board of Representatives are:


Epp Annus (Tallinn University)

Tereza Hendl (University of Augsburg, Ludwig Maximilian University of Munich)

Martin-Oleksandr Kisly (National University of Kyiv-Mohyla Academy)

Maria Shuvalova (National University of Kyiv-Mohyla Academy)

Assel Tutumlu  (Independent scholar)


The Board of Representatives plays both a representative and executive role in RUTA’s organisational structure. Its main tasks are the planning of fundraising, the conceptual guidance of RUTA’s development, book and article prize selection, community building, and public relations. Additionally, the board will have the authority to set up its own agenda and task list, as well as form task-specific committees of volunteers. Read more about the role of RUTA’s Board of Representatives in our Constitution. We, the RUTA organising volunteer group, will assist the Board with transitioning into their new roles.

We extend our heartfelt gratitude to each RUTA member and nominee for their active participation in the elections. We also want to express our deep appreciation to the Election Committee for their diligent work in finalising our first Board of Representatives.

Our warmest congratulations to the elected Board!


RUTA Association Team