Why Join RUTA?

The RUTA Association for Central, South-Eastern, Eastern European, Baltic, Caucasus, Central and Northern Asian Studies in Global Conversation aims to transform the region(s) from being object(s) of study to becoming active and visible subject(s) of knowledge production. It strives to amplify debates on issues relevant to the region(s) and grows from epistemic communities and solidarity networks formed in response to Russia’s full-scale invasion of Ukraine in 2022.  RUTA is committed to promoting critical research on imperial and colonial legacies that have shaped the region(s). This commitment is grounded in the expertise and experiences of affected societies and aims at stimulating social responsibility.

RUTA provides an opportunity to establish networks with academic and social justice advocates, both locally and globally. RUTA facilitates members’ equal participation in decision-making through voting and engagement in debates and advocacy efforts, leading to epistemic and cultural reparations and restitution.

  • Membership Principles
    RUTA welcomes individual members, primarily from the academic community, as well as those with backgrounds in the arts and social justice advocacy. Membership is open to anyone interested in advancing RUTA’s objectives, and contributing to public and scholarly debates, as well as those abiding by the Association’s Code of Conduct.
  • Code of Conduct
    RUTA’s code of conduct upholds our shared values of solidarity and maintains an inclusive and constructive environment at all times. By joining RUTA, every member agrees to our Member’s Pledge and is expected to act within the spirit and rules of RUTA. These principles may be reviewed by the relevant committee to ensure their effectiveness.

Membership Types

RUTA recognizes diverse positionalities and potential disadvantages of prospective members and offers distinct membership categories, which are scaled to income level. RUTA offers both individual (income-based) and institutional memberships, open to academic, private and non-profit institutions. Membership will foster institutional and individual networking and cooperation. Members are eligible to participate in the Association’s annual conference at a reduced rate.

By becoming a member they will be able to subscribe to RUTA’s newsletter. Finally, members have voting rights and participate in RUTA’s activities through committee work or volunteering.

For 2024, RUTA is offering free membership to individuals who are Ukrainian citizens, currently residing in Ukraine, or have a Ukrainian institution as their primary affiliation.

Membership Duration

RUTA membership runs from 1 January to 31 December. Regardless of when you join during the year, all memberships expire on 31 December. Please note that memberships are non-refundable. If you have enquiries about RUTA membership before joining, please email: contact@ruta-association.org.

  • Ukraine-based scholars
    0€ /per year
  • Student
    (only for full-time students)
    10€ /per year
  • Income under
    15 000 EUR
    25€ /per year
  • Income
    15 000 EUR - 29 999 EUR
    40€ /per year
  • Income
    30 000 EUR - 49 999 EUR
    50€ /per year
  • Income
    50 000 EUR and over
    70€ /per year
  • Institutional membership
  • Lifetime membership
*Reduced rates in 2024, subject to revision in 2025.